Career Training

Ascension Career Training

Ascension Career Training is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit organization that helps individuals acquire the necessary knowledge and skills for obtaining a livable-wage-making job in Massachusetts.

In order to facilitate this, Ascension will seek funding to supplement the lower wages individuals may earn while they are still in training.

Residents of Moving Mountains will be matched with employers upon moving in; these match-ups will be based on availability of positions, prior experience and the preferences of each resident.

As time goes on, our network of employers participating in this program will grow, creating a broader spectrum of opportunities.

Ascension will remain in contact with the participating employers for the entirety of each individual’s training, providing support that may be needed by either party.

Following their completion of the Ascension program, we are confident that individuals will have acquired what is needed to be successful in their chosen fields. Some may be hired by the employers that trained them, and others may decide to apply elsewhere.